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We Know Pools

Learn about the services we provide

Keep the party going well into the evening relaxing by your new outdoor firepit or fireplace.

 Creating outdoor living space adds usable square footage for entertaining and keeps the mess outside. 


Give your tired pool a face lift. Making a few changes to your pool with new tile and plaster can transform your entire backyard. We can turn your vinyl liner or fiberglass pool into a plaster pool too.

Replace your white pool light with a color LED light for outdoor ambiance while entertaining family and friends.


A few repairs might be all you need.

We can repair tiles which have poped off or cracked. 

If you are tired of your old pool tile, we can remove your existing tile and install a new tile of your choice, sometimes without changing the plaster.

    The sun can do a lot of damage over the years like rot equipment and dry out deco seal. Don't worry we can fix that too!

We also do:

Acid/Chlorine Washes      

Pebble Crack Repair

Equipment Installation & upgrade


You can clean the scale off your existing tile instead of replacing it. This can save you


We clean the tile with glass bead and low air pressure. This method is designed to remove calcium (the white residue), dirt, and oils off pool tile.

This method is non toxic and does not damage your pool equipment. It also does not require draining of the entire pool. This process typically takes 3-5 hours. We can also clean fountains, tile patios, brick, and pool coping.

We recommend cleaning your tile every two years to prevent calcium build up that can damage your tile over time.




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