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Common Mistakes to Avoid As a First Time Pool Owner

Owning a pool can represent something of a dramatic lifestyle shift for any homeowner - it literally requires you to change the way you think about spending time outdoors around your property. There are certain things that first time pool owners in particular just do not think enough about that you absolutely need to be aware of moving forward. Do not let these types of mistakes happen to you. 

They Do Not Service Their Pool Enough

By far, one of the biggest mistakes that first time pool owners make involves only servicing their pool when the temperature starts to rise outside. Yes, service during those hot summer months is critical - but spring and fall maintenance is just as important. You should always have a professional come out and inspect your pool before you open it for the season and on the other side to help make sure it is properly winterized. If you do not, you run the risk of damaging the plumbing, tearing the pool liner and more.

They Do Not Run Their Equipment For Long Enough

Another sadly common mistake that a lot of first time pool owners tend to make involves not running their equipment long enough to begin with. For the absolute best results, you should always run your pool pump (and all of the other essential equipment) for at least eight full hours every single day - especially during the summer months. 

Yes, you may think that turning off your equipment for long periods of time will save on utility costs - and to a certain extent, you are correct. But the financial costs associated with the problems you will create will more than eat up any money you have saved initially.

They Do Not Pay Enough Attention to Pool Safety

Pools are fun and exciting investments for your home, yes - but they can also be quite dangerous, too, if you are not careful. Whether you are just trying to cool off by yourself on one particularly hot afternoon or you are having a pool party with all of your friends and family members, practicing pool safety should always be a top priority.

This means not only should you limit drinking alcohol around the pool, but never bring glass anywhere near your pool to begin with. Make sure that you keep all walkways as dry as possible and put up fencing to keep any children in the area from getting into trouble while the adults are elsewhere. 

Contact Smith Pools Today

If you are located in Riverside, Inland Empire or elsewhere in California and want help avoiding some of the most common mistakes that first time pool owners tend to make, or if you just have any other specific questions you would like to see answered, - contact Smith Pools today.



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