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Things that Could be Damaging your Inland Empire Pool

Your pool provides months of enjoyment year round, so treat it right! Avoiding items that cause damage to your pool or filter means your system stays in pristine shape and that you can entertain your friends and family with ease. From potted plants to hair care items and DIY projects, use any of these items with caution – or better yet, eliminate from your California pool area entirely.

Glass of all types

Broken glass of any type is impossible to find in a pool without injury, so keeping your pool deck a glass-free zone can help you avoid problems. You don't have to give up the fun of enjoying a glass of wine poolside, but plastic or silicon are better options. By preventing glass from entering the pool deck area, you protect your pool and your guests.


Swim diapers are fine – but let a regular diaper into the pool and you have a biohazard in the making. You will also have to check and clean out all that goo that is stored inside the diaper itself, it can clog your system. Make sure any small swimmers wear cloth or true swim diapers to avoid this scenario.

Potted Plants

A few gorgeous plants in striking pots make for an attractive photo but are best reserved for areas outside of the pool fence; a plant that falls into the pool means extra cleanup for you and could even impact your overall pH.

Hair Care and Goods

Long haired swimmers mean extra hair in your filter (long haired pets can contribute to this problem as well.) Most pool owners are aware that hair can be damaging, but the items used in hair pose a problem as well, Rubber bands, elastic, dye, and even extensions can cause problems if they are lost in your pool and enter your filtration system. A custom, stylish poolside shower can enhance the look and feel of your swimming zone and prevent hair damage, too

DIY Anything

You can DIY a lot of things, but your pool care is not one of them. Using a concoction recommended by a friend, or that you make yourself to clean your pool or balance the water can lead to disaster. Dyes (unless specially designed for pool use) and other elements should be skipped unless you do not mind a lengthy cleanup and restoration process. Thankfully, the chemicals used to keep your pool clean are effective, easy to find and affordable, so you shouldn't have to resort to DIY anything .

Being aware of these common pool hazards can help you spend more time swimming and splashing with your family and less time cleaning and repairing your Riverside pool. If you do run into a problem, we are always just a phone call away and ready to help.



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